As a seasoned seller, sextoys ( is more aware of what happens when a buyer buys a Sex Doll.

Inexperienced buyers are not familiar with Sex Doll, so they choose a relatively cheap Sex Doll store to place an order on Google.

Without checking the real and effective information of the seller, blindly placing an order, and not receiving the goods after placing the order. This is a very common fraudulent behavior. Therefore, before placing an order, users must know whether the online store is truly qualified, whether it is a real evaluation, etc. In short, unfamiliar stores must not place orders easily.

If you place an order in a regular store, then you have to go through the above procedures again. Unless you are a repeat customer, you must place an order with caution. Since the current technology is very high, the Sex Doll you receive must be very realistic. After receiving it, follow the customer service's reminder to learn to clean and maintain the Sex Doll. I can't wait to experience it. High-quality Sex Dolls can generally be given to you. Bringing very real effects, in short, the customer response is very good.

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