In today's society, there is an astonishing trend quietly emerging, one that touches upon a topic considered private and not easily discussed. We can observe the emergence of small shops bearing the name "adult stores" in various corners of the city. As people pass by, merely catching sight of these four words causes them to blush and their hearts to race, prompting a hurried departure, fearing the potential misunderstandings of others.

Although these stores appear to have few customers, passersby still regard them with a certain reverence and keep a respectful distance. Unlike in the past, these adult stores are no longer manned by individuals, and they have even relocated to more secluded streets to spare shoppers from any potential embarrassment. Perhaps it is precisely for this reason that the sales of these stores have skyrocketed to the billion-dollar level. Does this data not strike you as astonishing?


As society continues to progress, there is an increasing openness in people's attitudes. However, in contrast to Western countries, China's perspectives on matters of sexuality remain relatively conservative. Adult products not only have a vast market potential but also boast extremely high profit margins. Nevertheless, due to intense competition, some businesses, in pursuit of substantial returns, resort to substandard products, leading to a proliferation of market irregularities.

In recent years, an noteworthy development is that the primary consumers of adult products are no longer exclusively men, but also women. This phenomenon conceals many intricate reasons. Every individual has both psychological and physiological needs, which are inherent to human nature. The continuous evolution of societal views has resulted in an increasing acceptance of adult products, with women emerging as the primary consumer base. So, why is the phenomenon of women purchasing adult products so prevalent?